Astral Clarity DE Filter

Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters have long been recognized for providing the cleanest, clearest pool water. Our Clarity DE Filter provides superior water clarity with unparalleled filtration value for both new in-ground pools and remodel applications.
 AP-209 Clarity DE Filter.pdf

Our heavy duty filter tank is a unique combination of fiberglass lamination with a molded polyester resin, offering unsurpassed strength to resist high pressures and the rigors of in-floor cleaning systems. The filter easily assembles/disassembles with a sturdy stainless steel band and sits atop a molded plastic base. The internal manifold is injection molded ABS and features a curved grid design for maximum space efficiency. Filter connections are 2” standard to handle the modern pool’s higher flow rates. Filters include air relief valve and pressure gauge. Available in 36, 48 and 60 square foot filter area models.

  • Durable filament, wound  fiberglass tank with gel coat exterior finish for commercial level strength
  • High performance lateral distribution system provides both superior flow and backwash capabilities
  • Six position multiport with tool free access for ease of service
Fiberglass reinforced polyester tank provides unequaled strength and durability. 50 psi working pressure handles high pressure systems, including in-floor cleaning systems. 8 curved grid design increases filtration-area within a compact tank Water flow within filter is bottom to top for efficient distribution and more effective filtration Backwash flow is top to bottom Stainless steel center clamp closure fastens tank top and bottom and allows access to filter internals without disturbing plumbing Heavy-duty injection molded base Innovative injection molded ABS internal manifold 6 position multiport valve (filtration, rinse, backwash,bypass/recirculate, waste, closed) DE filtration system produces greatly increased filtration quality over other media systems

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