AquaDepot Fiberglass top-mount Filter

Fiberglass Top-Mount Filter with valve and filters.

Available with lateral or top outlet, according to your requirements and available space. Side mount molded provides oversized entry into tank.

Heavy duty construction: 30 to 50% more material than our competitors. One-piece high density Polyethilene (HDPE) filtres, molded without joints or weldings. Made to work in all kinds of weather conditions. Series-equipped with AstralPool's New Generation 11/2" 6+1-way selector valve with “no tools” service. With bayonet lock for filtering, washing, rinsing, recirculating, emptying, closing and wintering operations (all intakes and outlets are interconnected). Patented 360 degree full flow “commercial” lateral design. Laterals made of resilient, flexible polypropylene. True high-rate depth filtration 12” + of sand from filter bed to top of lateral system. Transparent lid makes visual inspection (and access to filter interior if lateral valve) easier. Upper diffuser in interior, in order to ensure good water distribution onto filter bed. Manual air relief option. Manual drain option in filter body for easy filter drainage without sand spillage. Special "arms" in pump interior holds collector in place, ensuring even flow and filter wash. Pressure gauge for filter wash control.

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