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We are happy to announce our new product line from Grossfillex. Get exclusive access to an entire line of outdoor furniture at incredible price.


Grosfillex insists on delivering exceptional quality in every piece of furniture they make. By paying attention to details in the manufacturing process and using the best materials and techniques available, we have established ourselves as a leader in the commercial grade outdoor furniture industry, building our products to perform like no other.


Grosfillex sets the standard of excellence throughout the industry and has established quality and safety through ASTM standards for commercial outdoor seating.

We are so confident in our products that each is backed by a commercial warranty.


Grosfillex has distinguished itself as a leader in the commercial grade furniture industry through its unique product design, quality, functionality, style and comfort. Each of these elements are a must have to define the perfect outdoor space whether it be poolside or dining under the stars – they are all provided at the best value money can buy!

North American operations include manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania and Distribution Centers in both Pennsylvania and California supplying affordable, quality products, prompt service and on-time deliveries to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.


Grosfillex’s years of research have resulted in proprietary resin composite formulations and technologies that capture the look and texture of wood, metal, and wicker: Rexform®, Kevring®, MPC Technology® and the new AMT, Air Molding Technology. These materials also allow for exceptional design integrity in the production of our tables and chairs. They replicate the look and texture of natural materials without the maintenance and at a fraction of the cost.

REXFORM®-Teakwood Finish

Rexform replicates the beauty of teakwood with a durable material that is colorfast and easy to maintain. All Rexform products feature a textured wood grain that enhances the authentic look and feel of a wood finish – it will not gray, splinter, or rot.

Havana armchairs, chairs and barstools replicate the look of resin wicker, without the maintenance!

KEVRING® – Metallic Finish

Kevring replicates the look of cast metal, featuring metallic flecks in the formulation that give the material added dimension and beauty.  All Kevringproducts feature a wrinkled metal texture and holds up to the toughest outdoor element.  It won’t rust, fade, chip or stain.

MPC® Technology –  Wicker Finish

Mineral Polymeric Composite (MPC) is the result of years of Research & Development to mold a new material which unites the strength and the structural integrity of natural mineral materials with the weather resistance of resin.  MPC Technology® allows the production of unique furniture details and design such as totally smooth table surfaces, straight table edge textures and quality textures of chairs, front and back: no hollow chair backs any longer!

AMT – Air Molding Technology

AMT is the latest addition to Grosfillex extensive park of technologies and is the result of the close cooperation of our Design and Research and Development teams. AMT allows the production of sleek designs with superior strength without the weight. Often used in conjunction with Grosfillex®proprietary technopolymers, AMT brings new design capabilities to the endless creativity our designers while staying true to Grosfillex® value proposition.


JAVA All-Weather Wicker Collections features armchairs and chaise lounges built to replicate the texture integrity of a wicker strand woven over a metal frame – providing durability when exposed to the harsh outdoor elements.


Grosfillex’s Fold and Store 32” square and 38” round folding tables make for a quick set up of your terrace; and fast teardown at the end of the season. Great savings on precious space!

Grosfillex® tilt top table bases come with the functionality and design expected by FoodService professionals – their aluminum frame will carry the weight of large molded melamine table tops with a nesting base for easy storage. Grosfillex® patented single action handle allows the tabletop to tilt at the blink of an eye.

An operator-friendly solution to a daily challenge!


Grosfillex® sets the standard for excellence throughout the industry and has established quality and safety standards through ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) with the publication of ASTM F1561-96 Class B, F1838 Class B, F1858 and F1988-99 Class B industry standard for commercial outdoor seating.

In addition, Grosfillex® is a frequent recipient of the prestigious Design Excellence Award in the resin category during the International Casual Furniture Show in Chicago and a recipient of the product innovation award in the category of Equipment and Supplies from the New York Restaurant Association.


Grosfillex prides itself on respecting the environment with a low energy manufacturing process that produces no emissions and with a concentrated effort of reducing, reusing and recycling all other materials. Manufacturing plastic products uses less energy than making similar products from other materials.  Grosfillex resin products do not use topical treatments which can peel off and contaminate the water table.  Grosfillex resin furniture is 100% recyclable.