Viron Gas Heater

Internationally award winning heat-on-demand technology
Operating efficiencies of up to 97%
Maintains a consistent and even temperature
Save up to 20% on operating costs
Compact design - up to 50% smaller than conventional gas heaters

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Ultra compact design with high output provides rapid, on demand heating for all size domestic pools. Heat only when you want to swim. Convenient and economical.

Viron Gas Heater Features.

Nearly 10 years of intensive research and development by AstralPool has resulted in the energy efficient Viron Gas Pool and Spa Heater. Using revolutionary technology, Viron saves energy, reduces greenhouse emissions and reduces water consumption in your pool or spa. And importantly for your family, reduces operating costs without compromising your lifestyle. With operating efficiencies of up to 97%, the Viron Gas Heater reduces operating costs by more than 20% over conventional gas heaters. By absorbing so much heat into the pool water, the Viron Gas Heater produces up to 10 liters (2.6 gallons) of condensation per hour which can be piped back into your pool or spa (subject to local authority approval). Natural gas is one of the cleanest and greenest fuels available. With dramatically increased energy efficiency, the Viron Gas Heater makes the most of this clean energy source by reducing greenhouse emissions over conventional gas heaters. With state of the art materials and design, the Viron Gas Heater is less than half the size of other conventional gas heaters, meaning installation is easier and less intrusive. Why waste energy and money to keep your pool warm just in case you are going to use it? Many heating systems need to be left operating continuously simply because they take days to heat up. Only gas heating provides realistic on demand heating. Whether your pool is in a warm sub-tropical climate or a cool temperate climate, only gas can realistically heat your pool in a few hours. Once the weekend or holidays are finished, simply turn your heater off and save energy, money and minimize water evaporation. The natural gas Viron heater can save you hundreds of dollars per year. The Viron Gas Heater’s technology has been developed around a unique stainless steel knitted mesh burner which fires downwards through multiple layers of extruded finned tube through which the pool or spa water passes. This unique burner utilizes a fan which premixes gas and air for perfect combustion, regardless of the water installation or weather conditions. The Genus IV electronic management system monitors pool and spa water temperature, heat exchanger temperature, gas input and the level of condensation for you to enjoy the perfect swimming conditions. Once your pool heater is within 1 degree of the desired (or set point) temperature, the electronics turn down the firing rate of the heater to exactly match the heat loss of your pool. This achieves a remarkable efficiency of up to 97%. Increased energy efficiency means lower operating costs and reduced green house emissions over both conventional gas heaters and heat pumps.

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