Astral BX PUMP

The BX Pool and Spa Pump has been designed with great power and control to comfortably meet the demands of your pool by delivering a much higher head pressure and a superior overall performance.

  • Industry leader with run-dry seals
  • Large mouth basket reduces maintenance
  • High flow, high pressure, low noise level design
  • Energy efficient motor resulting in lower operating costs
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
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Install a Viron BX Pool and Spa Pump and relax with the knowledge that you will be reducing your electricity costs, helping the environment and providing your family with a crystal clean and healthy pool. The BX Pool and Spa Pump moves more water, using less electricity, in fewer hours per day. This means lower electricity costs. With a huge hair and lint pot, the BX requires less frequent cleaning, making it ideal for holiday homes and high leaf areas. With a robust external housing and high quality components, this pump meets the highest standards of reliability and durability, and runs with a reduced noise level overall. Available in 6 different sizes, the BX-Series pool and spa pump is the perfect choice for your pool.

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