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Product Specifications

Product Used On For Heater Size
471357 SPA 75/100
460237 CH 150
460222 CH 200
460223 CH 250
460224 CH 300
460225 CH 350
460226 CH 400
460424 All NT Models All Sizes
Product Used On For Heater Size
471187 SPA 75/100
460227 CH 150
460228 CH 200
460230 CH 250
460231 CH 300
460233 CH 350
460234 CH 400
460506 All NT Models All BTU sizes 4-inch dia. Vent
460507 All NT Models All BTU sizes 5-inch dia. Vent

Dimensional Drawings


File Size & Type

Indoor Vent Adaptors 243 kb GIF
Drawing 2 37.5 kb GIF
Adapter Dimensions 8.6 kb GIF


Product Description Approx. Ship. Weight (lbs.)
472446 Max Check Plus*

Troubleshooting & FAQs

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