Multiwave Timer Series

Multiwave Combines the PE653 MultiWave Controller with the PE953 MultiWave Hand Held Transceiver and automate your
pool/spa and even your home with the most technologically advanced wireless control system in the market today.

Multiwave, Timer Series Pool Automation.

The MultiWave is designed as a “plug and play” system. Install the water sensor PA122 and watch the MultiWave thermostat come alive to maintain your pool and/or spa water temperatures. Install the air sensor 178PA28A and let the MultiWave freeze protection system take over to protect your investment. Connect your equipment to the intelligent RS485 communication port and relax as the MultiWave recognizes and controls your equipment with ease. Software UpdateTo Download the Software Update Click the "Resources" Tab   MultiWave V 3.2 The new MultiWave version 3.2 software gives your controller more features to help your pool/spa operate even better! Download the free update today and enjoy these new features and enhancements: - Service countdown timer mode – for temporarily disabling pump for service - Controller displays wider range of air and water temperatures - Time adjustments for cycling actuators during freeze conditions - Assign specific circuits to activate during a freeze condition - Set OFF time-only schedules without setting ON times - Controller displays “Out of Range” when communication is lost - Set heater temperatures to as low as 40°F or OFF for better flexibility - Current mode and temperature now highlighted on controller display - Enable/disable pump and heater safety interlock - Compatible with all advanced Auto Pilot Salt Chlorine Generator features A C8700 Z-Wave USB stick is required to complete the software upgrade. To order the USB stick, visit

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