Jandy LXi Heaters by Zodiac — Integrating the most advanced features — from superior hydraulic design, to technologically-innovative control systems.

Jandy LXi heaters exceed environmental standards for Low NOx emissions. Lower emissions mean you can enjoy your pool with confidence, knowing your pool equipment is designed with the environment in mind.

  • High efficiency C-Fin heat exchanger is designed to lower operating costs and provide greater savings
  • Highest efficiency rating in the industry to keep your pool heating costs low
  • Low NOx, fan-assisted combustion and Hot Surface Ignition systems provide maximum performance in all weather conditions
— THE NEXT GENERATION IN HEATING TECHNOLOGY Jandy innovation provides the ultimate in convenience with the Zodiac LXi control panel’s remote mounting feature.


  • The feature rich control panel has a user-friendly backlit display and a simplified menu for ease of operation
  • Built-in one-touch automation makes pool-to-spa switching simple
  • The LXi heaters enable easy connection to Zodiac controls, and other pool/spa automation systems and automatic valve systems

Technical Details

  • Smallest equipment pad footprint
  • Communicates with the AquaLink® RS family of controls
  • Fan assisted low NOx combustion
  • Lightweight polymer headers
  • NN and PN models include cupro-nickel tubes
  • NC and PC models include copper tubes, bronze headers and ASME® Certified rating.
  • NS and PS are cupro-nickel and bronze ASME Certified
Model Description
LXi250N LXi 250KBTU, Natural Gas Heater (N), Polymer Headers
LXi250P LXi 250KBTU, Propane Gas Heater (P), Polymer Headers
LXi300N Jandy LXi 300KBTU, Natural Gas Heater (N), Polymer Headers
LXi300P Jandy LXi 300KBTU, Propane Gas Heater (P), Polymer Headers
LXi400N LXi 400KBTU, Natural Gas Heater (N), Polymer Headers
LXi400P LXi 400KBTU, Propane Gas Heater (P), Polymer Headers
LXI250NN LXi 250KBTU, N, Cupro-Nickel Exchanger, Polymer Headers
LXi300NN LXi 300KBTU, N, Cupro-Nickel Exchanger, Polymer Headers
LXI250PN LXi 250KBTU, P, Cupro-Nickel Exchanger, Polymer Headers
LXi300PN LXi 300KBTU, P, Cupro-Nickel Exchanger, Polymer Headers
LXI400PN LXi, P/H Cu-Ni, PROPANE, 400.
LXI250NC LXi 250KBTU, N, Bronze Headers w/ASME Rating

Are heating appliances compatible with salt water chlorination?

For the last 20 years, Zodiac has been using a patented technology associating polyamides and titanium, both of which are totally free from the effects of corrosion. Today over 120,000 appliances have been installed without any corrosion defects. If a salt water chlorination method is being used, it may be important to install a check valve between the heater outlet and the salt water chlorinator, to prevent high concentrations of chlorinated water from back siphoning into the heater.

Must my pool be covered (cover, rolling shutter...) or sheltered if it is to be heated?

No, it is perfectly possible to heat an "open air" pool without a cover or a shelter. The power and fuel requirements is similiar to heating a house with the windows open! This is why we recommend the use of an insulating cover to limit heat loss to the open air when the pool is being heated. A covered or sheltered pool will reduce the heater power and fuel costs. LXi Heater Parts Launch our online catalog viewer to review breakout diagrams and part numbers. Heat Pump Parts
File Description Size
SL6352.pdf Jandy LXi Pool and Spa Heater Sell Sheet 4.93 MB
SL6350.pdf Zodiac Pool and Spa Heaters Brochure 1.95 MB
SA6361.pdf Jandy LXi Heater Specification Sheet 1.11 MB
H0286900.PDF Jandy LXi Heater I/O Manual 6.66 MB
H0295900.PDF Jandy LXi Controller Quick Start Guide 297.09 KB
H0298400.PDF Jandy LXi Heater I/O Manual - Español 10.12 MB
H0298500.PDF Jandy LXi Gas/Propane I/O Manual 10.11 MB
H0296500.PDF Jandy LXi Flue Vent Assembly Replacement Kits 1000.8 KB
H0347400.PDF Jandy LXi Complete Bronze Heat Exchanger Replacement Kits 581.04 KB

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